Dandanitiprakaranam or Criminal Jurisprudence ...Coming Soon...

  • Dandanitiprakaranam or Criminal Jurisprudence ...Coming Soon...
The period under review is one of great social as well as political upheaval. Before the time of Shivajῑ, the whole of Maharashtra was steeped in ignorance. Shivajῑ saw that, if the national spirit is to be developed on right lines, this ignorance must be removed. He was helped in this task by learned Paṇḍitas like Gāgābhaṭa, Keṥava-bhaṭa and others. The masses were educated in the right spirit of religion and were uplifted socially. The seventeenth century was thus a period of social and religious renaissance in Maharashtra and we come across ample proofs of this movement in the writings of Paṇḍitas like Keṥavabhaṭa and the various decisions given by the Court of Shivajῑ in religious disputes. The natural result of these efforts was visible on the solid support given to Shivajῑ and his successors by the masses in Maharashtra in the establishment of National Government .

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