About Us

           This site is dedicated to publishing the works of Historian Vasudeo Sitaram Bendrey. He is one of the most prominent scholars of Maratha history. His dedication to research of Maratha history and his findings have made the people of Maharashtrian descent forever indebted to this eminent scholar. In his lifetime he distinguished himself by conducting pure research that was needed to verify or dispel commonly held beliefs. Among his findings was the true picture of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the founder of the Maratha empire, which he found and verified on his research mission to Europe. It was he who found the picture of Shivaji Maharaj that the then Dutch governor of Surat Von Valentyn had commissioned to be drawn in 1664 AD. Until this picture was published most people attributed a picture of a muslim Sardar to that of Shivaji. Similarly he was able to successfully dispel the prevailing negative stories about Sambhaji Maharaj he was able to prove with evidence that Sambhaji Maharaj was indeed a noble king.

In his lifetime VS Bendrey wrote more than 60 books, this site attempts to bring these books into the digital age and to make them easily available to those that want to read the history of Maharashtra and to further his research. Works of his son Ravindra Vasudeo Bendrey who was a poet and writer have also been made available. 

This site is sponsored and maintained by VS Bendrey's grand daughter Sadhana Bendrey who established has over the years dedicated herself to preserving her grandfathers legacy and doing very much what her grandfather would have wanted to do. She is assisted by her friends and family in developing and maintaining this website. She has also included some of her work on Graphic Design.